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Date 2:29pm Currency Impact   Detail Actual Forecast Previous Graph
2:29pm Actual
SunNov 10
SunNov 10 All Day EUR
Spanish Parliamentary Election
No Data Series Details
MonNov 11
MonNov 11 2:50am JPY
BOJ Summary of Opinions
No Data Series Details
Bank Lending y/y
2.0% 2.0% 2.0%
Actual2.0% Forecast2.0% Previous2.0% Details Graph
Core Machinery Orders m/m
-2.9% 0.9% -2.4%
Actual-2.9% Forecast0.9% Previous-2.4% Details Graph
Current Account
1.49T 1.66T 1.72T
Actual1.49T Forecast1.66T Previous1.72T Details Graph
8:00am JPY
Economy Watchers Sentiment
36.7 40.7 46.7
Actual36.7 Forecast40.7 Previous46.7 Details Graph
10:00am EUR
German WPI m/m
-0.1% 0.2% -0.4%
Actual-0.1% Forecast0.2% Previous-0.4% Details Graph
All Day EUR
French Bank Holiday
No Data Series Details
12:00pm EUR
Italian Industrial Production m/m
-0.4% -0.4% 0.4%
Actual-0.4% Forecast-0.4% Previous0.4% Details Graph
12:01pm CNY
New Loans
661B 800B 1690B
Actual661B Forecast800B Previous1690B Details Graph
M2 Money Supply y/y
8.4% 8.4% 8.4%
Actual8.4% Forecast8.4% Previous8.4% Details Graph
12:30pm GBP
Prelim GDP q/q
0.3% 0.4% -0.2%
Actual0.3% Forecast0.4% Previous-0.2% Details Graph
GDP m/m
-0.1% -0.1% -0.2%
Actual-0.1% Forecast-0.1% Previous-0.2% Details Graph
Manufacturing Production m/m
-0.4% -0.2% -0.7%
Actual-0.4% Forecast-0.2% Previous-0.7% Details Graph
Construction Output m/m
-0.2% -0.5% 0.1%
Actual-0.2% Forecast-0.5% Previous0.1% Details Graph
Goods Trade Balance
-12.5B -10.1B -10.8B
Actual-12.5B Forecast-10.1B Previous-10.8B Details Graph
Index of Services 3m/3m
0.4% 0.4% 0.4%
Actual0.4% Forecast0.4% Previous0.4% Details Graph
Industrial Production m/m
-0.3% -0.1% -0.7%
Actual-0.3% Forecast-0.1% Previous-0.7% Details Graph
Prelim Business Investment q/q
0.0% -0.5% -0.4%
Actual0.0% Forecast-0.5% Previous-0.4% Details Graph
All Day CAD
Bank Holiday
No Data Series Details
All Day USD
Bank Holiday
No Data Series Details
4:15pm USD
FOMC Member Rosengren Speaks
No Data Series Details
4:17pm GBP
NIESR GDP Estimate
0.1% 0.3%
Actual0.1% Forecast  Previous0.3% Details Graph
TueNov 12
TueNov 12 12:45am NZD
Visitor Arrivals m/m
-0.1% 1.4%
Actual-0.1% Forecast  Previous1.4% Details Graph
2:50am JPY
M2 Money Stock y/y
2.5% 2.5% 2.4%
Actual2.5% Forecast2.5% Previous2.4% Details Graph
3:30am AUD
NAB Business Confidence
2 0
Actual2 Forecast  Previous0 Details Graph
5:00am NZD
Inflation Expectations q/q
1.80% 1.86%
Actual1.80% Forecast  Previous1.86% Details Graph
6:35am JPY
30-y Bond Auction
0.46|3.7 0.38|3.9
Actual0.46|3.7 Forecast  Previous0.38|3.9 Details
8:59am JPY
Prelim Machine Tool Orders y/y
-37.4% -35.5%
Actual-37.4% Forecast  Previous-35.5% Details Graph
12:30pm GBP
Average Earnings Index 3m/y
3.6% 3.8% 3.7%
Actual3.6% Forecast3.8% Previous3.7% Details Graph
Claimant Count Change
33.0K 24.2K 13.5K
Actual33.0K Forecast24.2K Previous13.5K Details Graph
Unemployment Rate
3.8% 3.9% 3.9%
Actual3.8% Forecast3.9% Previous3.9% Details Graph
1:00pm EUR
German ZEW Economic Sentiment
-2.1 -13.2 -22.8
Actual-2.1 Forecast-13.2 Previous-22.8 Details Graph
ZEW Economic Sentiment
-1.0 -11.5 -23.5
Actual-1.0 Forecast-11.5 Previous-23.5 Details Graph
1:30pm USD
FOMC Member Clarida Speaks
No Data Series Details
1:45pm USD
NFIB Small Business Index
102.4 102.3 101.8
Actual102.4 Forecast102.3 Previous101.8 Details Graph
8:00pm USD
President Trump Speaks
No Data Series Details
WedNov 13
WedNov 13 12:45am NZD
FPI m/m
-0.3% 0.0%
Actual-0.3% Forecast  Previous0.0% Details Graph
2:30am AUD
Westpac Consumer Sentiment
4.5% -5.5%
Actual4.5% Forecast  Previous-5.5% Details Graph
2:50am JPY
PPI y/y
-0.4% -0.5% -1.1%
Actual-0.4% Forecast-0.5% Previous-1.1% Details Graph
3:30am AUD
Wage Price Index q/q
0.5% 0.5% 0.5%
Actual0.5% Forecast0.5% Previous0.5% Details Graph
4:00am NZD
Official Cash Rate
1.00% 0.75% 1.00%
Actual1.00% Forecast0.75% Previous1.00% Details Graph
RBNZ Monetary Policy Statement
No Data Series Details
RBNZ Rate Statement
No Data Series Details
5:00am NZD
RBNZ Press Conference
No Data Series Details
10:00am EUR
German Final CPI m/m
0.1% 0.1% 0.1%
Actual0.1% Forecast0.1% Previous0.1% Details Graph
12:30pm GBP
CPI y/y
1.5% 1.6% 1.7%
Actual1.5% Forecast1.6% Previous1.7% Details Graph
Core CPI y/y
1.7% 1.7% 1.7%
Actual1.7% Forecast1.7% Previous1.7% Details Graph
HPI y/y
1.3% 1.2% 1.3%
Actual1.3% Forecast1.2% Previous1.3% Details Graph
PPI Input m/m
-1.3% -1.1% -0.9%
Actual-1.3% Forecast-1.1% Previous-0.9% Details Graph
PPI Output m/m
-0.1% 0.0% -0.1%
Actual-0.1% Forecast0.0% Previous-0.1% Details Graph
RPI y/y
2.1% 2.2% 2.4%
Actual2.1% Forecast2.2% Previous2.4% Details Graph
1:00pm EUR
Industrial Production m/m
0.1% -0.2% 0.4%
Actual0.1% Forecast-0.2% Previous0.4% Details Graph
1:32pm EUR
German 10-y Bond Auction
-0.29|2.0 -0.41|2.3
Actual-0.29|2.0 Forecast  Previous-0.41|2.3 Details
4:30pm USD
CPI m/m
0.4% 0.3% 0.0%
Actual0.4% Forecast0.3% Previous0.0% Details Graph
Core CPI m/m
0.2% 0.2% 0.1%
Actual0.2% Forecast0.2% Previous0.1% Details Graph
7:00pm USD
Fed Chair Powell Testifies
No Data Series Details
10:02pm USD
Federal Budget Balance
-134.5B -131.0B 82.8B
Actual-134.5B Forecast-131.0B Previous82.8B Details Graph
10:10pm NZD
RBNZ Gov Orr Speaks
No Data Series Details
ThuNov 14
ThuNov 14 1:50am AUD
RBA Assist Gov Bullock Speaks
No Data Series Details
2:50am JPY
Prelim GDP q/q
0.1% 0.2% 0.3%
Actual0.1% Forecast0.2% Previous0.3% Details Graph
2:53am JPY
Prelim GDP Price Index y/y
0.6% 0.5% 0.4%
Actual0.6% Forecast0.5% Previous0.4% Details Graph
3:01am GBP
RICS House Price Balance
-5% -3% -3%
Actual-5% Forecast-3% Previous-3% Details Graph
3:05am AUD
MI Inflation Expectations
4.0% 3.6%
Actual4.0% Forecast  Previous3.6% Details Graph
3:30am AUD
Employment Change
-19.0K 16.2K 12.5K
Actual-19.0K Forecast16.2K Previous12.5K Details Graph
Unemployment Rate
5.3% 5.2% 5.2%
Actual5.3% Forecast5.2% Previous5.2% Details Graph
5:00am CNY
Fixed Asset Investment ytd/y
5.2% 5.4% 5.4%
Actual5.2% Forecast5.4% Previous5.4% Details Graph
Industrial Production y/y
4.7% 5.5% 5.8%
Actual4.7% Forecast5.5% Previous5.8% Details Graph
Retail Sales y/y
7.2% 7.8% 7.8%
Actual7.2% Forecast7.8% Previous7.8% Details Graph
Unemployment Rate
5.1% 5.2%
Actual5.1% Forecast  Previous5.2% Details Graph
7:30am JPY
Tertiary Industry Activity m/m
1.8% 0.2% 0.3%
Actual1.8% Forecast0.2% Previous0.3% Details Graph
10:00am EUR
German Prelim GDP q/q
0.1% -0.1% -0.1%
Actual0.1% Forecast-0.1% Previous-0.1% Details Graph
10:30am CHF
PPI m/m
-0.2% 0.0% -0.3%
Actual-0.2% Forecast0.0% Previous-0.3% Details Graph
10:45am EUR
French Final CPI m/m
0.0% -0.1% -0.1%
Actual0.0% Forecast-0.1% Previous-0.1% Details Graph
12:30pm GBP
Retail Sales m/m
-0.1% 0.2% 0.0%
Actual-0.1% Forecast0.2% Previous0.0% Details Graph
1:00pm EUR
Flash Employment Change q/q
0.1% 0.2% 0.2%
Actual0.1% Forecast0.2% Previous0.2% Details Graph
Flash GDP q/q
0.2% 0.2% 0.2%
Actual0.2% Forecast0.2% Previous0.2% Details Graph
1:30pm USD
FOMC Member Quarles Speaks
No Data Series Details
1:34pm GBP
30-y Bond Auction
1.25|1.7 1.15|2.0
Actual1.25|1.7 Forecast  Previous1.15|2.0 Details
4:30pm CAD
NHPI m/m
0.2% 0.2% 0.1%
Actual0.2% Forecast0.2% Previous0.1% Details Graph
PPI m/m
0.4% 0.3% -0.3%
Actual0.4% Forecast0.3% Previous-0.3% Details Graph
Core PPI m/m
0.3% 0.2% -0.3%
Actual0.3% Forecast0.2% Previous-0.3% Details Graph
Unemployment Claims
225K 215K 211K
Actual225K Forecast215K Previous211K Details Graph
5:10pm USD
FOMC Member Clarida Speaks
No Data Series Details
FOMC Member Evans Speaks
No Data Series Details
5:30pm GBP
CB Leading Index m/m
-0.4% -0.5%
Actual-0.4% Forecast  Previous-0.5% Details
6:00pm USD
Fed Chair Powell Testifies
No Data Series Details
Mortgage Delinquencies
3.97% 4.53%
Actual3.97% Forecast  Previous4.53% Details Graph
6:30pm USD
Natural Gas Storage
3B 2B 34B
Actual3B Forecast2B Previous34B Details Graph
7:00pm USD
Crude Oil Inventories
2.2M 1.5M 7.9M
Actual2.2M Forecast1.5M Previous7.9M Details Graph
8:00pm CHF
Gov Board Member Maechler Speaks
No Data Series Details
FOMC Member Williams Speaks
No Data Series Details
8:20pm USD
FOMC Member Bullard Speaks
No Data Series Details
FriNov 15
FriNov 15 12:30am NZD
Business NZ Manufacturing Index
52.6 48.8
Actual52.6 Forecast  Previous48.8 Details Graph
4:30am AUD
RBA Deputy Gov Debelle Speaks
No Data Series Details
5:45am CAD
BOC Gov Poloz Speaks
No Data Series Details
7:30am JPY
Revised Industrial Production m/m
1.7% 1.4% 1.4%
Actual1.7% Forecast1.4% Previous1.4% Details Graph
12:02pm EUR
Italian Trade Balance
2.78B 3.54B 2.59B
Actual2.78B Forecast3.54B Previous2.59B Details Graph
1:00pm EUR
Final CPI y/y
0.7% 0.7% 0.7%
Actual0.7% Forecast0.7% Previous0.7% Details Graph
Final Core CPI y/y
1.1% 1.1% 1.1%
Actual1.1% Forecast1.1% Previous1.1% Details Graph
Trade Balance
18.3B 18.7B 19.7B
Actual18.3B Forecast18.7B Previous19.7B Details Graph
4:30pm CAD
Foreign Securities Purchases
4.76B 4.22B 4.62B
Actual4.76B Forecast4.22B Previous4.62B Details Graph
Gov Council Member Lane Speaks
No Data Series Details
Core Retail Sales m/m
0.2% 0.3% -0.1%
Actual0.2% Forecast0.3% Previous-0.1% Details Graph
Retail Sales m/m
0.3% 0.1% -0.3%
Actual0.3% Forecast0.1% Previous-0.3% Details Graph
Empire State Manufacturing Index
2.9 6.1 4.0
Actual2.9 Forecast6.1 Previous4.0 Details Graph
Import Prices m/m
-0.5% -0.2% 0.1%
Actual-0.5% Forecast-0.2% Previous0.1% Details Graph
5:15pm USD
Capacity Utilization Rate
76.7% 77.2% 77.5%
Actual76.7% Forecast77.2% Previous77.5% Details Graph
Industrial Production m/m
-0.8% -0.4% -0.3%
Actual-0.8% Forecast-0.4% Previous-0.3% Details Graph
6:00pm USD
Business Inventories m/m
0.0% 0.1% -0.1%
Actual0.0% Forecast0.1% Previous-0.1% Details Graph
8:00pm EUR
German Buba President Weidmann Speaks
No Data Series Details
SatNov 16
SatNov 16
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